About Us

The Japanese concept "Yūgen" is about appreciating the deep beauty of the Universe. teh concept of "travelling" is about freedom, happiness and an uncontrollable desire to explore the world we live in. Together they're the perfect recipe for a well-lived life. 

Yügen Sense is made by travellers for travellers. By and for women who can't stand the thought of a life not spent discovering new cultures, sceneries and people, while expanding their own horizons simultaneously.

We create clothing, accessories and gear meant to improve the quality and comfort of independent and adventurous female travellers, who insist on keeping their most pratical and feminine side by side, even in the most off-the-beaten-track destinations.   

We believe in:

∇ Open smiles
∇ Adventures with no plan
∇ Tight hugs
∇ "See you soon" instead of "goodbye" 
∇ Extended horizons 
∇ Paths with no destination
∇ Eternal memories